Linearia’s been growing for a long time now.

Each day, a world is born in the east, while the west corrodes as nations collapse and move on, overgrowth takes over, and prehistoric beasts roam free.

Some people wish to explore new lands, some people wish to rediscover the old.

Basically, think of it as a line.

Because it is.

A living, breathing, line, a timeline essentially – left is old, right is new.

Somewhere on this track rests a great deity which controls this world, somewhere on this line is what created him.

Along the track are cities, some more modern then others, some holding on to rigid traditions, some being newly formed in bold oppression. Underground trains make it all seem shorter, but in the end, nobody knows where they finally lead.

Strange locals, such as Undercannon and Overcannon, the city that flies and the city that must follow it, and other such intricacies, abductions on the farmland, brave expeditions into unknown territories, and learning how to bend the Line to your will.


This campaign is basically free-form in terms of progression, the world in this game takes place after another video game I’m still working on, which I won’t reveal because of spoilers, this is just an idea that I had to basically bring that world into a medium with infinite possibility.

I will be DM’ing this in 3.5, homebrew is… allowed, assuming you know exactly what you’re dealing with, because I sure as heck don’t know how your Pastamancer can invoke the wrath of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I’ll allow it if you do.

Despite the serious tone, this campaign will actually be lighthearted, I have a dry sense of wit, and I love screwing around. I take rules lightly, and I believe in a quick, healthy, progression with lots of location and variety is necessary for any amount of fun.

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